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Compriva Private Email works with your existing email client (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and other popular email clients), applying industry-standard authentication and encryption to make email and attachments shared with a trusted correspondent completely secure and private.

Compriva Private Email installs and auto-configures on Windows 7/8/10 with Outlook or Windows Live Mail. (Certificates can be exported to Mac OS/iOS/Linux/Android for S/MIME capable email clients and viewers.)

It's fast, strong, convenient and easy for everyone!

Compriva Private Email is available in the following editions…

Compriva Free

With Compriva Free you get the following at no cost:

Compriva Pro

With Compriva Pro, you get everything that comes with Compriva Free but with an unlimited number of ComprivaLinks for the low, 1-year cost of $29.95.

Product Comparison
Compriva Free Compriva Pro
Signing Digital Certificate (1 year; 2048 bits) (1 year; 2048 bits)
Encryption Digital Certificate (1 year; 2048 bits) (1 year; 2048 bits)
ComprivaLinks (max: 10) (unlimited)
Cost Free $29.95
Get It! Buy It!

* Some email clients may require manual configuration – instructions available in Compriva Support.

** Backup support for Compriva digital certificates only.