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Private, secure email messages from any contact's browser.

Compriva Private Email subscribers can exchange encrypted ComprivaNotes with any other subscriber and receive them from any contact*. The sender requires only a browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

ComprivaNotes are great for quickly and securely sending and receiving sensitive content like financial, health, legal or other personal information (e.g. passwords and links to sensitive material in the cloud!)

How it Works

Receiving a ComprivaNote

After installing Compriva Private Email, use our Send ComprivaLink™ feature with your trusted contact's email address. Your contact gets an email linking him/her to a unique pre-addressed secure Web form. Sending you a free encrypted ComprivaNote requires only a browser (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone)… no log in, registration or installation… just click!

The ComprivaNote web form can be bookmarked and reused anytime from any device.

Sending a ComprivaNote

Just click on a ComprivaLink, compose and send! Any Compriva Private Email subscriber can send you a ComprivaLink.

Alternatively, if both you and your contact are Compriva Private Email subscribers, you can use the Find a Friend feature to verify your contact and compose a secure ComprivaNote to him/her.

*Including non-subscribers! (US Patent No.8,549,280)