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Compriva Private Email Installation

What do I Need to install Compriva Private Email?

You can install Compriva Private Email on any PC or tablet running Windows 7 through 10. As well you will need an S/MIME supporting email client or S/MIME viewer running on your PC or tablet. Once installed, your Compriva digital certificates can be easily exported to other operating systems and devices including Windows 10 phone, Android, Linux, Mac OS and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Our installer and web features work best with Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome browsers.

How do I install Compriva Private Email?

Simply install Compriva Free, or purchase a subscription to Compriva Pro. After you have registered and, for a subscription purchase, completed the secure payment process, our server will walk you through the installation. Just follow the online instructions carefully.

If you are using Outlook (Office 365) or Windows Live Mail as your email client, please ensure that the address you wish to use for Compriva Private Email is set up to send and receive email in that client so that our installer can correctly configure it for Compriva Private Email.

If you are using Windows Mail or another email client (eg. Thunderbird), your certificates will be correctly installed and available for manual configuration in that client.

After successful installation, please refer to Getting Started with Compriva Private Email for complete product usage instructions.